It has a seating capacity 50-550 people and it is especially suitable for wedding receptions, bigger conferences and various banquets.


It has a seating capacity 10-80 people and it is especially suitable for smaller wedding receptions and business presentations.


It has a seating capacity 10-30 people and it is especially suitable for intimate family gatherings and business meetings.


It has a seating capacity 2-10 people and it is especially suitable for business lunches or romantic dinners for two.


We take special pride in our Admiral Exclusive hall which has a seating capacity of 600 people and it is primarily used for weddings.

Why have thousands of brides and grooms chosen precisely our hotel for their big day?

Our team of experts and professionals will plan your wedding reception according to your wishes and ideas. Our team of chefs will carefully plan out your menu, our team of decorators will decorate the hall the way you pictured it yourself, our team of bakers will prepare the cakes and decorate them for the occasion.

Our kind staff will take care of you and your wedding guests and serve as a friendly host, the best you can imagine. Let us take care of the banquet the day before your wedding reception, let us organize everything according to your wishes so that you can enjoy your day fully.

We offer you a wide selection of wedding menus and beverages. You can choose from different menus, such as the traditional menu of the Slavonia region which, naturally, includes kulen, šunka and prosciutto or you can maybe opt for the Dalmatian menu, which includes pašticada with gnocchi. On occasions, we also made gastronomic specialties from different regions of Croatia, such as zagorski štrukli and many other specialties. Therefore, we are more than ready to meet all of your wishes. This also goes for beverages; we offer you various alcoholic drinks and wines from the cellars of the town of Ilok and other places.

The brides are free to choose from different shades of table cloth decorations; our color palette is constantly being refilled with new shades according to newest trends; also, chair covers are completely free.

Feel free to have trust in our services!

Our clients, thousands of newlyweds who have started their married life in our hotel, speak for us.