The hotel has 150 beds, extra beds and standard beds included.
The rooms are of different types, such as exclusive, comfort, classic, family room and the prices have been formed according to room types.


Hotel Admiral is located in the centre of the town of Vinkovci


Hotel Admiral is an urban hotel located in the centre of the town of Vinkovci, only steps away from the town’s famous streetlamp and the main promenade.

Same as the town Vinkovci itself can be proud of the fact that it is one of the first populated settlements in Europe, we too can be proud of our hotel’s rich history. That is to say, our hotel was built as long ago as in 1938 and all of the town’s events and gatherings used to took place there.

Even today, Hotel Admiral remains in the middle of all events. Our hotel is the right place for weddings, conferences, competitions, different manifestations, christening celebrations, balls, proms, etc.

The rooms in our hotel are of different types, such as exclusive, comfort, classic, family room and the prices have been formed according to room types.

The Hotel Admiral’s building is fully renovated and its rooms have been redecorated as well. It also has a restaurant, specialized halls and a big ceremony venue, which are at your disposal for any kind of manifestation or event. Depending on your needs, our halls and venues can be used for wedding receptions, proms, fashion shows, seminars, conferences and business meetings.
We take special pride in the hotel’s restaurant. It offers you the opportunity to taste all the gastronomic specialties of the region’s traditional cuisine, such as kulen (type of susage) and šunka (type of ham), as well as other ready-made meals and desserts. À la carte service has been adapted to meet the European food standards so that we bring out only the best for you.

Our kind and experienced staff, the smell and taste of home-made cuisine, as well as many other services will ensure you a pleasant stay in the heart of Slavonia.



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